Earth and Fire Pottery Studio

 8 week Pottery course $300


Tuesday morning

starting February 5, 2019               10 am – 12:30 pm

Instructor: Allison Gladwell                 250 652-4590


Tuesday afternoon

starting February 5, 2019                2 pm – 4:30 pm

Instructor: Allison Gladwell                 250 652-4590


 Wednesday evening

starting February 6, 2019                  6:30 – 9pm

Instructor: Allison Gladwell                  250 652-4590



About the classes

  • Our Pottery studio has electric pottery wheels, a slab roller, and extruder. We have a good selection of glazes, and we fire our pottery to cone 6 in an electric kiln.
  • Classes will cover basic hand-building techniques and use of the potter’s wheel.
  • Clay (maximum 50 lbs) and glaze are included in the course price (underglazes are not provided).
  • One missed class may be made up if arrangements are made in advance. Please make up class before the end of the course.
  • Students will need a basic pottery tool kit for the wheel and four masonite throwing boards.

Studio Time

As a small studio we have chosen to offer studio time to those that are currently registered in our classes, or to those who have previously taken pottery classes at Earth and Fire Pottery Studio and Winter Creek Pottery.

  • Studio time may be booked at $4/hour
  • Clay may be purchased for $40 a bag.
  • We do not sell clay for use outside the studio.
  • We fire work that has been created in the studio.
  • There will be no studio time from November 17 – February 1


Earth and Fire Pottery Studio

Gallery hours
Tuesday - Saturday
10am - 5pm
Please call ahead 250 652-4590

178 Ross-Durrance Road
Victoria BC, V9E 2A3

kelp-vase Saturday class Saturday class Saturday class